Tutorial 3: Process your Purchases

Manage your entire financial picture in BestInvoicing by also processing your purchase documents. Discover step by step how to easily process your purchases in BestInvoicing.

Step 1: Upload your Documents to BestInvoicing

Entering your purchase documents into BestInvoicing can be done in several ways:

  • by uploading a purchase invoice from your device via the general upload window;

  • by taking a picture of a purchase receipt using your smartphone, when logged in to BestInvoicing;

  • by forwarding the files via email to your BestInvoicing email address. Hint: often this can also be done directly from your scanner via scan-to-email function.

  • by receiving the files in your PEPPOL inbox so that BestInvoicing automatically processes them for you.

Read more about how to submit your purchase documents here.

Step 2: Book/Process Invoices

Your supplied purchase documents will appear in a processing list (cogwheel icon in the upper right corner of BestInvoicing). Once the files are in this list, the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software starts scanning them. OCR reads the information on the purchase documents and adds the retrieved data to your purchase.

The information extracted from your purchase document by means of OCR can be completed with additional purchase information such as type (invoice or credit note), payment term, self-set purchase category, ... via the blue 'Process' button.

Read more about how to process your purchase documents here.

Step 3: Paying your Purchases

Your incoming purchase invoices can also be paid directly from BestInvoicing. One condition is that IBAN and BIC numbers of the supplier are entered. You can choose from three payment methods:

  • Direct payment via a QR code that you can read with your banking app.

  • Did you connect your bank account via Ponto? Then you can also use the Ponto payment button to make your transfer.

  • Want to prepare or execute multiple payments at the same time? You can export scheduled payments to a SEPA file to be uploaded to your own online banking environment. This way, you can schedule a number of payments in one go. Each payment can also have its own designated payment date.

Read more about how you can pay your purchase documents from BestInvoicing here.

Step 4: Forwarding Documents to your Accountant

The entered purchases can also be forwarded to your accountant. This can be done via a direct connection with an accounting package or delivery platform, or via exchange of UBL files.

Read more about how you can deliver your purchase documents to the accountant here.

Step 5: The Most Efficient Way

You can truly minimize the time spent on processing your purchases. This can be achieved as follows:

  1. Join the PEPPOL network and ask your suppliers to deliver their invoices via PEPPOL as well.

  2. Did you receive an invoice via PEPPOL? Click the link in the email you receive and choose

    1. to accept immediately (invoice will be automatically processed in BestInvoicing);

    2. to pay immediately via Ponto. No more typing or copying the payment information.

  3. Activate 'automatically forward to accountant' via your designated accounting package configuration so that all processed purchase documents are automatically forwarded to your accountant overnight.

  4. Done!

Need help setting up this efficient configuration? Contact us via support@bestinvoicing.com.

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