Send via Microsoft

It is possible to send emails from BestInvoicing, from your own Microsoft email address:,, office365, ... Follow the instructions below to set this up.

Edit Email Settings

  • Navigate to the top right corner of the screen (email address) and click to unfold the menu

  • Select 'Company Settings'

  • Select 'Email Settings', then click the yellow button 'Edit'

Select the Right Delivery Method

BestInvoicing provides a number of different delivery methods. If you want to use a Microsoft account, select option 5: 'Personal Microsoft Account'.

If you select this option, you'll see the following screen:

Click the yellow button 'Enable Connection'. You will now be redirected to the Microsoft environment, where you'll have to log in using your personal email address and password. Afterwards you will have to grant access to BestInvoicing/Infinwebs to make the connection (click 'Accept' at the bottom of the page).

Once the connection is set up, you'll see a red button in BestInvoicing 'Disconnect'.

Underneath the header 'Edit Email Settings' (top of page), click the yellow button 'Save' beneath your email address. BestInvoicing will save the created settings. Your email settings have now been modified.

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