In BestInvoicing, a product always belongs to a product group. How you name a product group and which products you link to it will depend on your specific business and commercial activities.

It can be about specific products, but also about more general services. Some examples:




Whole wheat flour

Shipping costs

< 10 km radius

10 km - 50 km radius


Conformity check fire extinguishers

Conformity sprinkler system




Basic Module

Adding a Product Group

Via the tab 'Products' (left menu) you get an overview of the existing product groups.

Do you want to see a full overview of all of your products, regardless of their product group? Click the blue button 'Full Product List' at the top right corner to display the full list.

In this video a new product group is added:

Per product group you can see the revenue during a certain period. You can also display numbers based on total sales:

Adding a Product to the Product List

In the newly added product group, you can immediately create products.

A product number is assigned automatically. Via the 'Edit' button you can also enter the article code of your product, or another type of numbering.

Do you want to use your own product numbers or change the default numbering? That's possible: read here how to do that.

Adding a Product Directly from a Document

It is also possible to create/save a new product from a document, e.g. invoice or delivery note while creating it. This way you don't always have to return to the product overview.

When creating a document, a number of product lines appear. In these boxes you can enter the basic product information (name, price, ...). At the left side of a product line a white dotted blue button appears. Click it to open a drop down menu.

Click the last option, '+ Create product'. A pop-up window will open where you can enter the necessary product information, in analogy to entering it via the product overview.

Depending on which Apps and Integrations you activated (see below under 'Extensions'), more or less available input fields will be visible. Click the green 'Add' button at the bottom to add your product to your product list.

If the product was successfully added, a message will appear and the link to the product will be made. Under the name of your newly added product, the connecting message appears: "This line is linked to product (xyz)".



For non-native customers, the default texts are translated in BestInvoicing. However, you will have to provide translations for the products you entered.

You can enter the translation manually per product or via a csv file containing several products and their translation(s). Read here how to do that.

Product Photo

In BestInvoicing, you can add a photo to your product and also show it on your documents.

To make use of this feature, you need to activate the extension 'Product photos'. Read how to do that here.


You can display a sales graph for each product. This is displayed based on general turnover or number of sales (choice).

Price Segmentation

If you have activated the app 'Price Segmentation', you can assign segments to your product here. If you use different prices for different customer categories, it is possible to display multiple prices in one product file. Per product you can create segmented prices. Read here how to do this.

Stock Management

If you have activated the 'Stock Management' app, you can start using it for your products. The stock is increased when purchases or corrections are made and decreased based on delivery notes or invoices (configurable). The virtual stock takes into account open customer orders so that you can place timely orders with your suppliers to replenish the stock. Read more about stock management.

Empty Goods

If you have activated the 'Empty Goods' app, you can start using it for your products. Charge empties to the products sold. These empty goods are listed separately on your documents. Read more about empty goods in BestInvoicing.

Units of Measure

If you have activated the Units of Measure app, you can start using it for your products. Add units of measurement to the products on your documents. Read more about units of measurement.

General Ledger Accounts

If you have activated the General Ledger Accounts app, you can start using it for your products. Set up general ledger accounts for products: invoices immediately receive the appropriate general ledger account number when forwarded to accounting software. Read here how you can set this up.

Attention: not every accounting package can process this ledger data. So make sure to check with your accountant first!

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