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If you're using tags in BestInvoicing, they will be dynamically replaced by the corresponding values of your customer or your document. Example:
Available tags in BestInvoicing:
Serial number
Your company name
Your IBAN account number
Your BIC code
Customer number
Customer name
Name of contact person (if available)
Serial number
Date of document
Total amount excl. VAT
Total amount incl. VAT
Total amount to be paid
Payment term in days
Expiration date
Prompt payment discount (PPD) in percentage
Final payment date for PPD
Total amount incl. VAT and PPD
URL to the online document
Payment button
Button to sign the document online
Customer street
Customer street number
Customer zip/city code
Customer city
Customer email address
Customer phone number
Customer mobile number
Customer fax
Customer website
Customer country

Tags in Subscriptions

If you use Subscriptions in BestInvoicing, you can use some additional tags in relation to dates. The tag %start% is for example converted to the invoice date, the tag %end% to the day preceding the next invoice date.
The list of available tags can be found behind the 'I Tags' button, to the right above the text fields.