Connections for Online Payment

Making your company's administration easier and smoother is the main goal of BestInvoicing. To facilitate this even more, it is possible to have your invoices paid online immediately. Your customers can consult your invoice online via a secure link and immediately make their payment, or pay via QR code. You can connect to partners such as Mollie for this service.

Online Payment via Mollie

Mollie is one of the largest payment processors in Europe. They facilitate online payment to companies through various payment methods. BestInvoicing integrates Mollie to give your customers the option to pay an invoice directly through a secured payment button. BestInvoicing creates a payment order for your invoice via and redirects the customer to a payment screen. After payment, your customer is redirected to BestInvoicing and the status of the invoice is automatically changed to 'Paid'. You receive the payment in your Mollie account and they, in turn, pay it to your bank account.

Read all about setting up this connection in our manual:

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