Legal Notices

Legal notices may be placed at the bottom of documents. They can easily be (de)selected and don't need to be displayed on every document (only in case where they are applicable). One use case may be legal notices referring to a certain VAT exception, in case the company is operating under an exception regulation.

The maximal length of legal notices is 255 characters. There's no possibility for markup or paragraph separation. If you want to display more information on your document, use the bottom text field.

If you select a VAT exception when creating an invoice, the required legal notice will be displayed automatically on the document.

If in this case you would select VAT exception 'Intra-community services', a legal notice saying 'VAT Shifted' will automatically appear on your invoices, below the bottom text. Example:

It is possible to create additional legal notices next to the ones that are available by default. They can be created as follows:

  • Navigate to your email address at the top right corner of BestInvoicing and click it to open the menu

  • Select 'Company Settings'

  • Move to the tab 'Legal Notices'

Click the yellow 'Edit' button at the top right to create a legal notice. When creating a legal notice, you will also be able to determine whether it should, or should not, appear on your documents by default.

Display on Documents

When creating a document, you will see the available legal notices in the interface. They can manually be selected or deselected, in order to display or hide them on your document.

Are your legal notices quite lengthy? Consider to move them to the bottom text of your document. This field allows for more characters than the default legal notice field.

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