Email Texts

On this page you may set the default texts for your emails from BestInvoicing:

Per document type in BestInvoicing you can set a default message as email text, or modify an existing one (see list under 'Default Email Messages'). Depending on the document types you've activated, this list will be longer or shorter.

For every document type, text can be modified/set via the yellow 'Edit' button next to each document type.

Did you activate the app 'Foreign-Language Customers'? If so, you'll have the possibility to edit the email message per language.

Edit an Existing Email Message

Click the yellow button 'Edit' next to the text preview in order to modify an existing email text.

You can rename the message, change the subject or the text. Both in the subject line as in the body text you may make use of tags: the text between '%...%' will automatically be replaced by the correct value per document.

Read more about the use of tags in BestInvoicing, and which tags may be used.

Adding a New Default Email Message

One message named 'Default' is already present in the edit window. You can add additional messages via the green button '+ Add Default Email Message'. This way, when sending an email, you will be able to select between two (or more) accompanying texts.

You may rename the email message, change the subject or text. Both in the subject line and the body text, tags can be used.

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