In this section, settings can be made pertaining to:

  • numbering: modify the numbering format of contacts, products and documents

  • payment accounts: create financial journals for e.g. your bank account and a cash payment register

Fiscal Year Settings

The final numbers (serial numbers) of documents in BestInvoicing automatically add up (e.g. invoice INV2021001, INV2021002, ...). Every year this end numbering starts again from zero, at the start of the new fiscal year. This starting date is not the same for every company and can be set in this section.

By default, the starting date is set to January 1. If that is also the start date of your fiscal year, you do not need to change it. To change this date, go to the section 'Journals and Numbering'.

  • Navigate to your email address at the top right of BestInvoicing and click to open the menu

  • Select 'Company settings'

  • Click the tab 'Journals and Numbering'

  • Next to 'Fiscal Year Settings, click the yellow 'Edit' button

  • In the edit window you can then choose the day and month for your fiscal year start date

  • Click 'Save' to record your settings

Contacts and Products Numbering Format

By default, BestInvoicing will use the following numbering format:

You can change the numbering in the 'Journals' section.

  • Go to your email address at the top right of BestInvoicing and click to open the menu

  • Select 'Company Settings'

  • Click the tab 'Journals and Numbering'

  • Click the yellow button 'Edit' next to 'Contacts and Products Numbering Format'

In the default numbering structure, the numbering consists of letters (e.g. 'C' for 'Customer') and numbers. In this example, 5 digits are listed as '(5)'. So your first customer would look like this: C00001, followed by C00002, C00003, etc.

According to your own requirements, several settings are possible. For example, a combination such as 'PK-(3)' will yield a number 'PK-001'. When you change the numbering, you will immediately see a live preview of your new numbering in the grey window on the right.

Please note: if you are already working with BestInvoicing for some time and decide to change your numbering during the usage, previously created customers or products will not be changed in numbering. The new numbering will only apply to customers or products you created after changing the numbering structure.

Sales Journals

In the sales journals section you can add a new sales journal, or edit an existing one.

  • If you work with only one department within BestInvoicing you can simply change the numbering in the 'Default' sales journal.

  • If you work with different departments within BestInvoicing, each with their own numbering or prefix, you can add an extra journal carrying the name of the department. By doing so, you will set up two numbering systems that run side by side.

Click the yellow 'Edit' button to edit a journal.

You can change the name of the journal, e.g. to your company name or the name of a department. In this journal you can change the numbering of

  • proposals

  • order confirmations

  • delivery notes

  • cash register tickets

  • payment requests

  • invoices

  • credit notes

In terms of numbering, there are two options:

If you click in the field with the number, a drop-down menu will appear:

You can choose from one of the preset numbering schemes.

Custom Numbering

If you click the 'Use custom numbering' button, your numbering will be displayed in a different way. For the first three document types below, 'Use custom numbering' was clicked:

Via this option you can further customize the numbering based on a combination of 'tags'. The available tags can be found at the top behind the button 'I - Tags' and will open as a pop-up window:

The list of tags allows you to create your own combinations for numbering. Examples:

Tag CombinationVisual Combination (Result)Meaning



Proposal, fiscal year in 4 digits, month in 2 digits, serial number in 3 digits



Invoice, highest fiscal year in 2 digits, hyphen, serial number in 4 digits

Purchase Journals

The use of purchase journals is similar to that of sales journals; for numbering see section above. In the section 'Purchase Journals' you can change the numbering of

  • purchase orders

  • self-billing invoices

Financial Journal

In this section you will see the accounts to which payments are made. This can be either an IBAN format or, for example, a cash book for receipts or cash tickets.

In this section of BestInvoicing you create the financial accounts. To view your transactions per account in BestInvoicing, go to 'Payments'. Here you can use the blue button 'View' to see all transactions per account.

There are three ways in which accounts can be displayed under the Payments section.

Connection to online payment

If you're connected to an online payment provider, an additional journal will be created in which the payments from this provider are collected.

Connection to bank account

If your bank account data is linked via e.g. Ponto, then your linked accounts will be automatically retrieved in BestInvoicing. They will be created as a separate journal.

Manual entry

In case you also receive payments in cash, they can be processed in a list of cash payments. A cash payments list must be added manually as a Financial Journal. To do so, click the green button 'Add Financial Journal'. A window will open asking for a name and a possible IBAN (account) number.

For the entry of a cash book, the name can be freely chosen (e.g. cash book, cash register, ...). The field 'IBAN' can be left blank. Click 'Add' to add this account to your financial journals.

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