Send Documents by Email

Most document types in BestInvoicing can be sent via email. You can use email transmission to send documents:

  • To your customers, e.g. a quotation or invoice;

  • To your suppliers, e.g. a purchase order for new products.

Sending Documents by Email from BestInvoicing

To send a document from BestInvoicing, go to the document summary. There you will see a yellow button 'Send by Email' at the top.

If you click it, a new window will open in which an email will be prepared:

You can still change the customer's email address here, change the text, etc.

More information about these settings can be found in the chapter 'Email Settings'.

Two attachments are displayed to the right: a PDF version of your invoice and an XML version. Suppose your customer is another entrepreneur who also works with an invoicing program, he can immediately read the xml version of the invoice and process it in his program. This is an extra service to your B2B customers.

If you re-enter the summary window after sending, you will see that the document has been given a new status 'Sent via email'.

Message Status

In the example above you see a message status: 'Delivered' with a green tick. Possible statuses are 'delivered', 'read' or 'failed'. Note that the recipient can block the 'read' status in his privacy settings. Therefore, just because the email is not marked as 'read' does not mean it has effectively not been read.

Envelope Icon

If you click the envelope icon, you can recall the email message as you sent it in detail. See example:

Overview of Sent Emails

It is also possible to view all sent emails from BestInvoicing at a glance. You can access this via the envelope icon at the top right of the page (next to your email address). This gives an overview of all emails you have sent from BestInvoicing, including their status.

Receiving Documents by Email in BestInvoicing

If you have activated the 'Purchases' module, you can also receive incoming documents from suppliers by email in your BestInvoicing mailbox. You can read how this works in the chapter 'Purchases'. An overview of your incoming purchase documents will appear in your processing lists:

For all technical settings regarding sending via e-mail, see the chapter 'Email Settings'.

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