Ponto is a tool to link your bank details with other software. By connecting your Ponto account to BestInvoicing, you can automatically share your bank details and your bank's payment options with BestInvoicing.

When BestInvoicing is linked to Ponto, all your bank transactions and the balance of your linked bank accounts can be consulted. With this data BestInvoicing can then automatically mark invoices as paid, provide a complete overview of all your bank accounts, ...

To use this connection in BestInvoicing you need to perform three actions yourself:

  • Create a Ponto account;

  • Add your bank accounts to Ponto;

  • Activate the Ponto connection in BestInvoicing

BestInvoicing takes care of the technical connection between BestInvoicing and Ponto. For all questions regarding activation, connection with your bank, ... You can contact Ponto. If you encounter technical problems please contact support@bestinvoicing.com.

Create account with Ponto

Through Ponto's website you can easily create an account for your company. You will also be able to choose between the different subscription formulas. If you only want to retrieve transactions, 'Account Information' suffices. If you also want to pay your purchases from within BestInvoicing, also select 'Payment Initiation'.

Activating the Ponto Connection

To activate the Ponto connection:

  1. Go to 'Apps and Integrations', using your email address at the top right of the screen.

  2. You will find the Ponto app under the apps for 'Payments'. Click the green 'Activate' button.

3. After activation, you can start connecting your Ponto account via the yellow 'Configure' button. You will be asked to connect your Ponto account: you will now be redirected to the Ponto environment. There you must give BestInvoicing permission to receive your Ponto data.

4. After you have registered via Ponto, you will see an overview of your account(s) that are transmitting data through Ponto, based on your IBAN number.

An extra line will now appear in the overview of your payments (left menu): Ponto. When you click 'View' you can see the list of transactions that have been pulled in via your Ponto connection.

Ponto collects your transactions hourly and sends them on to BestInvoicing. This happens more or less in real time. When setting up the account and connecting to Ponto, Ponto is only going to retrieve the last 100 transactions. Some accounts may have had thousands of transactions before the link was set up, so BestInvoicing is not going to retroactively retrieve them all.

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