General Ledger Accounts

In BestInvoicing you may determine general ledger accounts for your products, or attribute them to your purchase or sales invoices. Linked documents will receive the appropriate general ledger account number when forwarding them to accounting packages. A general ledger account is an accounting term, and denotes a list of similar expenses and income transactions.

Mind that not every accounting package is able to process this information. Contact your accountant before activating this BestInvoicing feature.

Activating General Ledgers

Recording general ledger information is something that first needs to be activated in BestInvoicing:

  1. Navigate to the top right corner of the screen (email address) and select 'Apps and Integrations' in the menu.

  2. Check the list of 'Apps and Integrations Related to Accountancy'.

  3. Click the green button 'Activate' on the line mentioning 'General Ledger Accounts'.

General Ledger Accounts and Products

Entering general ledger account numbers can be done at product level, in the product file. Upon activation of the GLA app, two additional fields will appear at the bottom of a product file:

  • Sales general ledger account

  • Purchase general ledger account

They are both free text fields in which you can enter the related general ledger account numbers.

Did you activate the general ledger account integration only after you entered already quite a few products in BestInvoicing? In this case, you can export your existing products as csv file, add the GLA information to the file and import this list again into BestInvoicing. This will save you some manual entry work. Take a look at our guide on importing data or contact us via

General Ledger Accounts and Sales Invoices

If you create a new invoice and you select an existing product to which you have added general ledger information in a previous step, the corresponding GLA number will be displayed on the product line.

It is also possible to manually add a new product and add GLA information to it. The field will appear if you click the yellow 'More' button to the left side of a product line:

General Ledger Accounts and Purchase Documents

In order to connect general ledger information to your purchase documents, select the 'Advanced Input Mode' (to be found at the top right of a 'Purchase' page'). This button will generate additional product lines beneath the purchase preview, where you can further split or divide the items listed on the purchase. Fields for general ledger information will also appear here.

When you process a purchase and you enter a product that already exists in BestInvoicing and contains general ledger account information, that number will automatically be displayed here. You may also manually add product/purchase information and add a new general ledger account number here.

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