Additional Text Fields

BestInvoicing offers some additional free text fields to include extra information on your documents We provide four options to display additional text on a document (proposal, invoice, ...):

  • Extra text field at the top of the document

  • Free text fields above or below invoice line

  • 'More' text field below invoice line

  • Bottom text at the end of a document

Extra Text Field above Product Table

This text field, in which you can freely enter information, appears between the general document (meta)data and the table of product/service lines. In the example below this field is used to display information regarding installation timing:

Example: the proposal now contains information on the estimated installation date and its timeframe.

In order to add this additional text field to your documents:

  1. Navigate to your email address at the top right corner

  2. Select 'Apps and Integrations', then 'Advanced Settings'

  3. Here you can activate the 'Extra Text Field above Product Table'

Leaving this field blank will not display it on your documents.

If you click 'Configure', you can add default texts to this field. Text can be set as default per document type. In the example of the installation, you could set the following as default text for proposals:

You could immediately complete the corresponding values in your next proposal and save time.

Adding a different site address to your document, next to the invoice address? Be sure to activate the module on Site Addresses.

Free Texts Fields above or below Invoice Line

These text fields, in which you can freely include information, can be placed in the table at will. In the example below, this field is used to explain some of the services listed. This feature does not require the activation of an additional app: you can add such line by clicking the green '+ Add Line' button at the top right, then 'Add Text Line'.

A new text line appears, in which additional information is e.g. given on the installation:

Example of what it might look like on the document:

Text Field 'More' below Invoice Line

This free text field is by default available beneath each product/service. You can expand/show it by clicking the yellow 'More' button, to the left of each product line. This text field may be used to provide additional information on a specific product or service:

On the document, it might look like this:

Bottom Text at the End of the Document

It is also possible to add text at the very end of a document, on every document type. This bottom text may be set per document type, or be used as a general free text field. Read more about configuring and using the bottom text field.

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