Credit Notes

Basic Module

The credit notes module allows you to credit invoices. There are two ways to create a credit note: based on an existing invoice or from scratch (manual entry).

Based on an existing invoice

From the overview of invoices you can immediately select an invoice and copy it to a new credit note. This can also be done from the detail of the invoice, always using the blue 'Actions' button and select 'Copy to new credit note'.

When your credit note is created, you can

  • View/download it using the grey 'View Print Version' button;

  • Edit it (contact person, products, ...);

  • Send it via email or regular mail.

All settings you used on your original invoice will be retained in the credit note. Example: discounts granted, use of price segments, selected currency, ...

Manual Creation

The structure of a credit note is similar to that of an invoice. For detailed information per field we therefore refer to the manual 'Invoices'. To create a credit note, simply click the green '+ Create Credit Note' button in your overview of credit notes.

Once your credit note is created, functions are available through the blue 'Action' button and the green 'Copy to' button.

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