In this tab you can manage access for BestInvoicing support staff and see the users who have access to your account.

You can find the tab by going to your email address in BestInvoicing at the top right of the page and clicking 'Company Settings'. The GDPR tab is located at the bottom of the menu.

Access for BestInvoicing Support Staff

By default our support staff does not have access to the information you enter in BestInvoicing. However, if you have specific questions regarding customers, products or document content we will be able to help you much more efficient if you grant the staff member (temporary) access to your account. You can manage this access via the slider (on/off) at the top of the page. This access can be activated or revoked at any time.

Additional Security Settings

From BestInvoicing it is possible to share secure links/URLs with your customers, for example to sign proposals online or pay invoices online. This link may take the form of a sign or pay button in an email. These URLs are secured with a unique code per document so your customer can only consult the sent document via this button/link. This code acts as a kind of password to consult a document.

By default, BestInvoicing applies an additional layer of security, whereby someone who opens such URL (or clicks on the sign or pay button), first has to enter the email address on which they received the document.

This prevents the document from being opened when someone unintentionally gets hold of such URL. This extra security layer is not active by default.

Users with Access to Your Data

In BestInvoicing it is possible to grant users, both internal (e.g. employees) and external (e.g. accountant), access to your BestInvoicing environment. In this section at the bottom of the page you can see to whom access is currently granted, how strong the user's password is, and if they have enabled two-factor authentication.

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