Send Documents by Mail

BestInvoicing aims to process your administration in a digital way. However, in some cases your customer might not have an email address or requested to receive your invoices on paper. Its therefore also possible to send your documents from BestInvoicing to your customers via regular mail. They will be printed, stamped and sent all from within the program.

Sending Documents by Mail

In order to send your document via regular mail, enter the summary of your document (in the example below: an invoice). Click the blue 'Actions' button and select 'Send by regular mail'.

You will now see a window displaying the price for the document to be sent, and the overview of your digital wallet:

  • At the top right, you'll see what services will be charged (stamp, envelope, paper, full color print) for the price that's displayed (in this example: $ 1,59).

  • Below that you see your wallet balance (see next chapter).

The price to send a document depends on the number of pages in your document. In this example it's an invoice and the general terms and conditions (= 3 pages).

Payment via Wallet

If this is your first time using this shipment option, your current balance will be too low since you have not yet topped up your wallet balance.

If you click the green button 'Top Up Balance', a pop up window appears in which you can determine the amount you want to add to your wallet.

Select the amount you wish to upload, then select 'Charging wallet'. You will now be redirected to the online payment environment of BestInvoicing, via Mollie. You'll be able to select from a couple of payment options.

After payment, you will receive an invoice for the paid amount. Your wallet balance will appear in green numbers and a green button 'Send by regular mail' is displayed. If you click this button, your request will be handled and the documents will be sent.

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