Basic Module

Via the proposals module you can make price offers for your customers. The document structure is similar to that of an invoice. For the detailed information per field we therefore refer to the manual 'Invoices'.

Once your proposal is created, additional functions are available through the blue 'Action' button and the green 'Copy To' button.


Via the blue 'Actions' button you can:

  • send your proposal (via e-mail or regular mail);

  • change the status of your proposal to 'Sent';

  • change the status of your proposal to 'Refused';

  • change the status of your proposal to 'Accepted'.

Copy to

Using the green 'Copy to' button, you can easily copy your proposal to:

  • a new proposal;

  • a new advance invoice;

  • a new invoice.

You can also copy proposals to an order confirmation, delivery note, cash register ticket, payment request, purchase order or task but these are extensions that you need to activate first in BestInvoicing.

Advance Payments

Advance invoices are not considered separate documents in BestInvoicing, but they're actually regular invoices. However, they're made available in BestInvoicing to facilitate follow-up. You can create one or more advance invoices from a proposal and choose a fixed price or percentage amount as advance invoice.

  1. This advance invoice ends up in the list of regular invoices, where you can also use the options for payment follow-up.

  2. When you want to create a final invoice after delivery of the products or services, go back to the original proposal and copy it to a regular invoice.

  3. The advance payment amount(s) will automatically be deducted, so that the sum of both invoices equals the proposal amount.

  4. You can also create multiple advance invoices if payment is made over multiple installments.

Sign Documents Online

BestInvoicing allows a customer to digitally sign a proposal; this works based on a sign button that's automatically generated in an email.

In the customer's mailbox, such email may look like this:

When the customer clicks the blue button in the email, the invoice opens in a BestInvoicing-styled tab. To the left there's a signature window, where the customer can add a signature via mouse movement or touchpad. He/she will also need to type in their full name, then click 'Agree and Sign Document'.

After signing, the status of the proposal in BestInvoicing automatically changes to 'Accepted'. You will also be notified by email of the signature/acceptance.

Once the customer accepts the proposal by online signature, you can no longer modify it (see padlock symbol).

However, by clicking the padlock you can unlock the document again. The status of the document remains 'Accepted', but the signature of the customer will be removed. Pay special attention to this!

A more correct way to modify or update an accepted proposal is to copy the existing proposal to a new one, and have it signed again.


Extra Text Field above Product Table

BestInvoicing offers the possibility to add additional text at the top of your documents (e.g. your invoice). This can be done via an additional free text field at the top of the document where you can enter any kind of information. This text field is located between the general document data and the table with product lines. Read more about the activation of this additional text field.

Add a Site or Delivery Address

It is possible to display a construction/installation site address or a delivery address on your proposals, if it differs from the billing address or customer address. Activating these fields will then display the construction site or delivery address, next to the actual billing address. Read here how to add such alternative addresses.

Price Segments

If you have activated the 'Price Segmentation' app, your proposal price will automatically be adjusted based on the price segment to which your customer belongs. You can create different price segments per product. Read here how to do this.

Units of Measure

If you have activated the app 'Units of Measure', you may use it with the products in your proposals. Add units of measurement to the quantities on your price offers. Read more about units of measure.

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