A BestInvoicing account is created at enterprise level and can include multiple users. A distinction is made between users within the organization and external users whom you give access to your BestInvoicing environment.

Users within Your Organization

One user will be displayed by default; the one who entered his or her data when creating the BestInvoicing account.

Suppose you are logged into BestInvoicing with this account, you will see that in the 'Users' window you are not given the option of editing your own account.

Editing Your Own Account

To modify your own account, navigate to your email address in the upper right and choose 'Personal Settings'.

On the left side of this screen you will see your own data. By clicking the yellow "Edit" button, four fields will open, three of which can be edited:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Language

If you want to change your own (login) email address, you must create a new user within your organization with that new email address, and delete the account with your current email address.

Adding a New User

To add a new user, click the green "Create User" button in the user overview. You can fill four fields:

  • Email

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Access role

The access role is divided into 'Owner' or 'Staff Member. As an 'Owner' you have by default access to all applications and functionalities in BestInvoicing. A 'Staff Member' can be granted other (less) access rights.

In the example above, the green sliders are apps and modules of BestInvoicing that the staff member has access to; the grey sliders are not accessible to the staff member or visible in their BestInvoicing interface. Each slider can be set to access (green) or no access (grey). Sections 'Customers' and 'Products' are available to every user by default and can not be turned off.

Accountants and Support Users

Did you grant your accountant permission to access your BestInvoicing environment through his free account for accountants? If so, you will need to confirm that permission in this section.

  • Your accountant creates an account via BestInvoicing for Accountants.

  • Navigate to your email address in BestInvoicing at the top right and click to open the menu.

  • Select 'Company Settings'.

  • Click the tab 'Users'.

  • Scroll down; under 'Accountants and Support Users' go to 'Add an External User'. Click the green button.

  • Enter the e-mail address you receive from your accountant (= the e-mail address linked to his accountant account).

If this email address is not correct or the accountant account has not yet been created, the system will render an error message when you click 'Add', see example.

If the connection is successful, the new user will appear at the bottom of your user list:

Your accountant will now have full access to your BestInvoicing environment.

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