Modifications via internal code

BestInvoicing provides a coupled of preset templates. If you want to modify the internal code of one of these templates, a copy of the original is made so you can create your own version.

The templates in BestInvoicing are programmed in the HTML, CSS and Smarty programming languages. The code of the templates is editable in every BestInvoicing account and you can adapt them with some technical knowledge.

You can always contact us to program a specific template for your company. We can adjust the layout according to your instructions or, for example, a sample invoice you've provided. We will always inform you in advance of the programming costs and you are free to choose whether you want to accept our offer.

Some examples of the possibilities:

  • Mentioning additional company data on the documents, such as a business specific certification number (free service by BestInvoicing)

  • Adding a document footer (possibly extra charge)

  • Adding an additional logo or certification label at the bottom of documents (possible extra charge)

  • Changing the format of the product/services table on an invoice (possibly extra charge)

  • Changing the position of elements (possibly extra charge)

  • Building a completely different layout (extra charge)

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