3. Create a Product

To create a new product, navigate to 'Products' in the BestInvoicing menu to the left:

In BestInvoicing, a product always belongs to a product group. How you name a product group and which products you link to it will depend on your business type and commercial activities.

A product group may relate to specific products, but also to more general services. Some examples:




Whole wheat flour

Shipping costs

< 10 km radius

10 km - 50 km radius


Conformity check fire extinguishers

Conformity sprinkler system




Creating a Product Group

The first step is creating a product group.

  1. Click the green button 'Add Product Group' at the top right corner

  2. Give your Product Group a name and click 'Add'

In this tutorial, the BestInvoicing user is a fictional telecom company. A first product group is called 'Appliances'.

Creating a Product

You can now add individual products. Click the blue 'View' button - located next to the name of your product group. You'll see that there are no products in the list yet: you can create these by clicking the green button 'Add Product' at the top right corner.

The product automatically receives a serial number and the product group name is completed (if you have already created multiple product groups, you can select another product group from the drop-down menu).

Name your product and (optionally) provide a description. If desired, you can also enter the purchase price, sales price, appropriate VAT percentage, ...

Here you'll automatically see the default VAT percentage, if you use e.g. co-contracting or intra-community transactions on the invoice, this will be adjusted automatically.

The abovementioned VAT systems are related to specific EU-regulations. For more country-specific options, refer to a local version of the Software.

Is the price of your product variable? Then price it at $0 or give it a commonly used price, and manually adjust this later per invoice.

Click the green button 'Add' at the bottom to save your product. You are now directed to the completed product file (in this example: a router).

To go back to the overview of your product group, click the white 'Back' button at the top. Your product group (example: Appliances) will now already contain one product (example: Router).

To add additional products within this group, click the green "Add Product" button at the top right.

Create Additional Products/Groups

Do you want to add another product group?

  1. Click 'Products' in the menu to the left to display the overview of existing product groups.

  2. Create a new product group by clicking the green button 'Add Product Group' at the top.

  3. Name this group: you're ready to add products to it.

In the example below, a second product group called 'Labor' was created. This includes e.g. the services provided by the company: installation and connection of the appliances.

Once the products or services you need are entered, you are ready to create an invoice.

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