SFTP (own server)

SFTP is short for Secure File Transfer Protocol. Via SFTP you can connect two computers with each other, in order to exchange files. BestInvoicing can be connected to your own server using SFTP.

Important: the connection between BestInvoicing and your server works in one direction. Documents can be sent and updated from BestInvoicing to your server, but not the other way around.

Activate the SFTP Connection

  • Navigate to the top right corner in BestInvoicing anc click your email address

  • Select 'Apps and Integrations'

  • Select 'Advanced Settings'

  • Go to 'Sync and backup with own server via SFTP' and click the green button 'Activate' to the right

In order to start synchronization, you have to enter the data from your own server environment. Click the yellow button 'Configure' to do so. You will now be directed to a page where you can add one or more SFTP-connections.

At the top right, click the green button '+ Add SFTP Connection'. Some additional fields appear:

Fill the technical data for your server connection here, then click 'Save'.

BestInvoicing will now ask you to choose a folder in which your BestInvoicing documents should be stored on your server. BestInvoicing will create a folder with your company name in the selected folder, and place the documents in there per calendar year. Select the destination folder of choice and click the green button 'Select current folder' below.

Pay attention when selecting a folder! If you use you website hosting to do so, make sure you're not selecting a folder which is publicly accessible, in order to avoid that your BestInvoicing files become visible to anyone.

You'll now see a confirmation that your server is connected. After setup, all existing BestInvoicing documents will be copied to the server folder in one go and from that moment on the connection runs live in the background. New documents or changes to existing documents are automatically synchronized with the server folder.

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