BestInvoicing offers a couple different discount options:

  • Default line discount

  • Prompt payment discount (PPD)

  • Discount per customer type

  • Direct general discount

Default Line Discount

You can immediately set a discount per product line on an invoice.

  1. Click the yellow button 'More' to the left a product line

  2. The field 'Line discount' will appear to the right

  3. It is possible to assign a discount as percentage or in the chosen currency

Mind that this line discount is calculated by piece or singularity. Example:

  • 10 pieces of a product that sells for $5, line discount $1, total price excl. VAT = ($5 - $1) x 10 = $40

  • 20 running meters at a price of $4/meter, line discount 20%, total price excl. VAT = ($4 x 0,80) x 20 = $ 64

Prompt Payment Discount (PPD)

Offer your customers a discount on invoices when they pay within a certain (short) period of time. The possibility to grant prompt payment discount has to be activated via 'Apps and Integrations'.

  1. Navigate to the top right corner of the screen (email address) and select 'Apps and Integrations' in the menu.

  2. Check the list of 'All Apps and Integrations'.

  3. Click the green button 'Activate' on the line mentioning 'Prompt Payment Discount'.

This extension can be activated and configured immediately. Two fields are available in the configuration window:

  • Prompt payment discount (PPD): enter the discount percentage (numerical)

  • Prompt payment discount term: enter the default payment term (numerical)

In this example your customer will benefit from a 2% discount if he/she pays the invoice within 8 days. The discount expires if the customer pays after 8 days. This input will now appear in your invoices by default:

These values may still be altered during the use of BestInvoicing:

  • at the bottom of the invoice interface -> your input will overwrite the preset default values

  • in the customer file -> you can personalize the settings on PPD at customer level. The values entered in the customer file will overwrite the preset default values

Mind the VAT calculation when using PPD. In case of a PPD invoice, VAT calculation will always happen based on the total amount excluding VAT minus the proposed discount, whether or not your customer pays in time.

If you're using PEPPOL to send invoices to the government, you may not use PPD as your document will not be accepted (due to the abovementioned deviating VAT calculation).

Processing a Document with Prompt Payment Discount

Imagine you've granted a PPD for payment within 7 days. It might be possible that your customer paid the invoice on the 6th day, but the bank only processed the payment on the 8th day. In such case, the system will no longer acknowledge the discount (as its term expired) and the paid amount is deemed incomplete. Such payments find their way to the processing list in BestInvoicing, where they can manually be checked and attributed to the right invoice.

Discount per Customer Type

You can grant a discount or use a different price per type of customer. In BestInvoicing, this is managed via Price Segmentation.

Direct General Discount

You can also grant a general discount to a customer via the customer file. Open a customer file and click the yellow button 'Edit' at the top right corner. At the bottom of the page, there's a button 'More options'.

This will display some 'Advanced Settings'. It's a section to include specific customer information, among others a general discount - in percentage or your chosen currency. This discount will always be applied to each document that is linked to this particular customer.

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