MailChimp is online software for email marketing. Synchronize your customer list from BestInvoicing with a list in MailChimp; this way you can easily send newsletters to your current customer base from MailChimp.

Activating the MailChimp Connection

The connection with MailChimp is something that first needs to be activated in BestInvoicing:

  1. Navigate to the top right corner of the screen (email address) and select 'Apps and Integrations' in the menu.

  2. Check the list of 'Apps and Integrations Related to Customers'.

  3. Click the green button 'Activate' on the line mentioning 'MailChimp'.

Creating a MailChimp Account

In order to set up the connection, you need to have your own MailChimp account. Different formulas are offered, including a basic free version.

When your account is created, navigate to your own profile in MailChimp.

Setting Up the MailChimp Connection

Once the connection has been activated, you need to 'Configure' it via the yellow button. The interface will request for an API key This key can be retrieved from MailChimp.

  • Go to and log in

  • Navigate to your profile and select 'Extras'. This menu holds a section 'API Keys'.

  • Under 'Your API keys', click 'Create a key'.

  • A new API key will now be generated: copy this code.

You'll need to enter this key into BestInvoicing:

Once you've entered the key, select 'Save'. You will now see a message confirming the connection has been made.

You're offered to select a list: if you're only using MailChimp for BestInvoicing contacts, it will by default propose a list by the name of your company. New customers that are added in BestInvoicing, will also be synchronized to your customer list in MailChimp.

Do you also use MailChimp outside of BestInvoicing? You can create multiple 'Audiences' in MailChimp. When setting up the connection with MailChimp, you will be able to select from multiple contact lists (= "Audiences"). This way you can select to which audience your BestInvoicing contacts should belong.

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