Tutorial 2: Automate to Save Time

By automating as much as possible, you make BestInvoicing work for you. Don't waste any more time thanks to these easily set up actions!

Action 1: Connect your Bank Account

Link BestInvoicing to your bank account. Via partners such as Ponto, your bank transaction data is retrieved from your online banking environment and matched with your documents in BestInvoicing. This way e.g. invoices are automatically marked as 'paid' and you no longer have to follow up on them yourself. Click the link below to read how to set up this connection in BestInvoicing.

Action 2: Offer Online Payment

If you include the online payment button in your emails, your customers can immediately pay their invoice securely online. No hassle for the customer and you get paid quickly. Double win! Click the link below to find out how to set up the online payment connection in BestInvoicing.

Action 3: Set Up Automatic (Payment) Reminders

How much time do you spend following up on outstanding invoices? By using automatic payment reminders in BestInvoicing, this becomes a thing of the past. According to a schedule chosen by you, outstanding invoices are followed up automatically. Click the link below to read how to activate these reminders.

Action 4: Automatic Forwarding to Accounting Software

Via BestInvoicing you can automatically forward your documents to the accounting software package of your accountant.

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