Preset Emails

'Preset Emails' allow to prepare email texts that you frequently send to customers or suppliers. This way you can send a default email with just one click, without having to enter the text every time you send it. Examples may be a 'thank you' email after an order or payment by a customer, or asking your supplier for an overview of your current account balance.

Activating Preset Emails

To use preset emails, you first need to activate it in BestInvoicing:

  1. Navigate to the top right corner of the screen (email address) and select 'Apps and Integrations' in the menu.

  2. Check the list of 'All Apps and Integrations'.

  3. Click the green button 'Activate' on the line mentioning 'Preset Emails'.

Creating Preset Emails

As soon as the app is activated, a yellow button 'Configure' will appear. Click it to create your preset email messages.

Did you activate the app 'Foreign-Language Customers'? In this case you will be able to create email messages in the different activated languages.

To create a new message, click the green button 'Create Preset Email'. The message can be created using a subject and a body text.

The text of the email can be edited via the visual editor. In the email message, tags may also be used. If for instance you wish to send a thank you email after an order, it can be created as follows:

Sending Preset Emails

Sending a preset email always happens from the customer or supplier file. In the customer filed for example, a new tab will appear 'Preset Emails'. The number between brackets indicates how many preset emails have been created and are ready to be selected.

If you click the tab, you can 'Send' your selected message. The email window allows for last minute modification of the text before sending. Every sent email will also appear at the top of BestInvoicing, behind the envelope icon, in the overview of sent emails.

Is your customer for example French speaking but did you not create a French email text, no preset email will appear in this customer file. Only messages that match the customers language will be shown.

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