Document Templates

Each document template in BestInvoicing contains the elements defined in the visual design. This is converted into a PDF file, ready to be sent. The template can be very different, depending on your settings:


In BestInvoicing you can easily change the layout of your documents.

Modification via Visual Editor

This is done via the Company Settings.

  1. Click on your user name (e-mail address) at the top right of the BestInvoicing window; a drop-down menu appears.

  2. Choose the second option: 'Company Settings'. You will see the general page with your company information.

  3. To set the layout of documents, navigate to the fourth choice in the middle menu; 'Templates'.

  4. To customize the current template, click the yellow pencil button 'Personalize Template'.

In the middle section you can make adjustments to the template. In the right side of the window, you can simultaneously see a preview of your documents. After each change, click the blue button at the top right ('Refresh Preview') to view the changes.

One of the most important personalizations is the display of your company logo. Click 'Logo - Select file' to upload a logo. In the example below, the company logo was uploaded:

Under 'Settings' you can use the slider to make the logo larger or smaller.

Don't forget to hit 'Refresh Preview' to reflect the changes on your preview document.

Choose Your Background

It is also possible to upload not only a logo, but also a complete background. However, you will need to have a ready-made image available for this. In the example below, a background was uploaded.

Invoice look before and after adding a background:

Under the heading 'Settings' you can make a few more adjustments, such as

  • make the logo larger or smaller;

  • increase or decrease the margin between the different lines;

  • adjust the size of the font

Choose Your Font

BestInvoicing offers you a choice of a few fonts:

Choose Your Colors

Some important features to customize the invoice visually are the color options for bars and text in the product table. By clicking the colored blocks, you open a color selection wheel. You can click on any color or manually enter the hex code of the color.

Below is an example before and after color adjustments:

The selected colors then look like this in the BestInvoicing menu:

Do you want more? With some technical know-how you can make changes to the internal code of the template via html and css. For a complete custom layout, you can contact us: we will provide you with a free price quote (without obligation).

Additional settings

Underneath the color selection boxes, there are a few more options available. Select or deselect to show or hide:

  • Show prices on delivery notes: do not check this box if you want to hide the prices of your items or the order total on your delivery notes.

  • Show quantities: this box will either show or hide the number of products per line.

  • Hide customer number: check this box to hide the internal BestInvoicing customer number on your documents.

  • Show prices per line: if you only want to show the total price but not the prices per product line, do not check this box.

Match with an Email Template

In BestInvoicing it is also possible to modify the layout of your emails. Read all about it in the section on 'Email Templates'.

If you've activated multiple email templates, the document template editor will display a field in which you can match a certain email template to a certain document template. For example, invoices for activity A are created with document template A and email template A, invoices for activity Z are created with document template Z and email template Z, ... This allows you to visually distinguish between different activities within your company.

Indicate which template to set as default

By default, BestInvoicing will propose the template that is is mentioned first in your list of templates when creating your documents. To change the order, see:

pageHow Can I Change the Default Order of My Templates?

In BestInvoicing, you can activate multiple templates within the same account. You don't have to stick to just one available layout!

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