Connections for Accountancy

One of the distinct advantages of working with invoicing software is that it is easy to share your documents with your accountant. BestInvoicing has set up a specific website for accountants. Here they can find all the information regarding the possible connections or accounting packages that can be activated. There are several ways to digitally deliver documents from BestInvoicing (e.g. invoices) to your accountant:

  • Direct link with a delivery platform or accounting package

  • Deliver your files in UBL format

  • Give your accountant direct access to your BestInvoicing environment, free of charge

Direct Connection to a Delivery Platform or Accounting Package

Depending on the available software packages in the specific country, direct integrations to such tools are provided. Example of such direct connections for the Belgian market:

Delivery of Files in UBL Format

UBL (Universal Business Language) is the standard format for electronic invoicing. It contains your document data in an XML file, which can be quickly processed by a computer. An accounting program can quickly read the file and process the information (from your invoice, for example). If you export your invoices from BestInvoicing in UBL format, you can transfer them to your accountant. He/she can then easily read and process them into his program.

Step 1. Export Invoices, Purchase Documents or Credit Notes to UBL

  1. In order to export, navigate to the top right corner in your overview of invoices, purchases or credit notes and click the yellow button 'Filters'.

    1. Select the desired period, e.g. 'last quarter'.

    2. Make sure all statuses are checked, incl. 'Concept', 'Sent' or 'Paid' to ensure all invoices will be exported.

    3. On the left of the Filter settings, go to 'Processed by Accounting' and select 'No'.

    4. Click 'Apply Filter'.

  2. You'll now be redirected to the overview (list) of your documents. Define a selection of the documents by:

    1. Selecting nothing: all documents in the list will be included in the export.

    2. Making a selection of some of the documents.

    3. Selecting all documents via the button top left above the list; this will also select all of the documents in the export.

  3. Click the blue button 'Actions' (top right).

  4. Select 'Export for accounting packages in UBL'. This export will result in a zipped folder containing the single UBL files.

Step 2. Mark Documents as Processed by Accounting

If you've selected your documents and want to export them as UBL files, a pop up message will appear: "Do you want to mark xx documents as processed by accounting?"

If you click 'Yes', BestInvoicing will remember that you've already exported these documents to be delivered to your accountant.

If next time you're going to filter your documents based on processing status, you may select only those documents that haven't been 'processed by accounting' yet. This way, you'll avoid sending invoices to your accountant that have already been processed in their system.

Step 3. Download UBL Files

While you mark your documents as 'processed by accounting', the export is being prepared. Click the blue button 'Actions' again and select 'Download'. This will download the full export file to your device.

The location of your downloaded folder might be different from one web browser to another. Google Chrome for instance will display downloads at the bottom of the browser screen. This folder is then downloaded locally to your device. By default the folder is saved to a Downloads folder, but this location may be altered in the web browser's settings - you might have defined another location for downloads to be saved.

Upon unzipping the folder, it will contain all selected invoices as separate UBL-files in xml-format. These can easily be imported and processed by accounting software packages.

Free Direct Access to Your BestInvoicing Environment

You can also give your accountant direct access to your BestInvoicing environment; absolutely free! This way, your accountant can retrieve the necessary invoices at the quarterly closing, or check your outstanding payments.

To provide access to your BestInvoicing account, make sure:

  1. that your accountant creates a free account in BestInvoicing. This can be done by logging on to the BestInvoicing website for accountants and creating a free account there.

  2. that you grant access to your accountant to link your BestInvoicing environment to his account (read how to do this here).

More information? Ask your accountant to get in touch with us via

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