1. Create an Account

To create a BestInvoicing account, go to https://www.bestinvoicing.com

  • Do you already have an account? Enter your email address and password to log in.

  • As a new user, click 'Register' to create a new account.

Enter your company name and email address, then choose a password. Don't forget to accept the General Terms and Conditions and click 'Create an Account'.

In order to create an initial invoice right away, some additional company information is required. This information will be displayed on your invoice. As you complete more details you will see your company data displayed in the upper right corner. Click the 'Complete Your Registration' button at the bottom.

If you provide the URL to your website, BestInvoicing will collect visual information to match the document layout to the look and feel of your corporate website.

You can already make some adjustments to the template (= the layout of your documents) in this step. More advanced personalization settings are available after registration.

Click the green button at the top right to complete your registration. You will be directed to the BestInvoicing dashboard:

You are now ready to create your first customer!

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