Mollie is one of the largest payment processors in Europe. They facilitate online payment to companies through various payment methods.

BestInvoicing integrates Mollie to give your customers the option to pay an invoice directly through a secured payment button. BestInvoicing creates a payment order for your invoice through and redirects the customer to a payment screen. After payment, your customer is redirected to BestInvoicing and the status of the invoice is automatically changed to 'Paid'. You receive the payment in your Mollie account and they, in turn, pay it to your bank account.

BestInvoicing provides the technical link between the programme and Mollie. For all questions concerning activation, payment options, transaction costs, payments, etc. You can contact Mollie. If you experience technical problems, please contact

Creating your Mollie Account

To use Mollie from within BestInvoicing, you must have an active Mollie account. Via the Mollie website you can easily create an account for your company. You can also choose which payment methods you want to activate and learn about their pricing.

Activating the Connection with Mollie

'Mollie' in BestInvoicing is an integration that you need to activate first, in order to use the service.

  1. Navigate to your email address at the top right corner and click it to open the menu.

  2. Select 'Apps and Integrations' in the menu.

  3. In the list of 'Apps and Integrations Related to Payments', activate 'Mollie: Receive Payments Online' by clicking the green button.

  4. Click the yellow button 'Configure' to display the next steps.

Configuring the Connection with Mollie

Once the integration is activated, you can start connecting your Mollie account via the yellow 'Configure' button. You will be asked to connect to Mollie and will be redirected to your account. There you must grant BestInvoicing permission to access your Mollie data.

After you have connected to your Mollie account, you will be given the choice in BestInvoicing to select a Mollie profile per journal. This is especially relevant in case you have created multiple payment screens or accounts in Mollie. By default, your company name will appear here. Confirm by clicking 'Save'.

In the overview of your payments (menu to the left), an additional line will appear after the first payment: If you click 'View' you can see the list of transactions that were paid via Mollie. Setting up payment methods via Mollie thus offers a far-reaching simplification of your payment tracking in BestInvoicing.

Display the Online Payment Button in the Invoice Email

When you create an invoice, the customer can be invited via the accompanying email to make the payment immediately via a secure payment button. If you use the default email template in BestInvoicing, such button will appear automatically (see example below, 'Secure online payment'). In the customer's mailbox, it may look like this:

Consult this page to learn how to customize your emailtemplates using your own colors, logo, ...

When the customer clicks the "Secure Online Payment" button, the invoice to be paid opens with a green "Pay Online" button to the left. When the customer clicks this button, he/she is forwarded to the secure environment of Mollie where the transaction will take place according to the selected payment method.

The payment gets processed in BestInvoicing in real time; as soon as the customer received the confirmation message that the payment has been successfully executed, the invoice status in BestInvoicing will automatically change to 'Paid'.

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