Order Confirmations

Activating Order Confirmations

The document type 'Order Confirmations' is something that first needs to be activated in BestInvoicing:

  1. Navigate to the top right corner of the screen (email address) and select 'Apps and Integrations' in the menu.

  2. Check the list of 'Apps and Integrations Related to Documents'.

  3. Click the green button 'Activate' on the line mentioning 'Order Confirmations'.

As soon as this document type is activated, it can be used immediately. A new line 'Order Confirmations' will appear in the general BestInvoicing menu to the left.

The structure and layout of an order confirmation is analogous to that of an invoice. You can also add an order reference on an order confirmation.

Haven't created an invoice yet? Take a look at the documentation about creating an invoice - basic module and learn how to do this.

Example of an order confirmation:

Order Confirmation and Stock Management

BesteInvoicing makes a distinction between virtual and actual stock. The virtual stock is the stock count based on order confirmations. In this count not only what has already been invoiced or delivered is taken into account, but also what has already been ordered by customers. If customers order more than what is currently in stock, you will see this immediately in the stock alerts.

In the example above, the actual stock counted 5 items. Of these, 2 have already been invoiced. Current stock = 3 items. However, an order form was also created for 3 items. Virtual stock = actual stock - 3 ordered = 0 items. If you copy this order form to an invoice, both stocks will be the same.

Click here to learn more about stock management in BestInvoicing.

Copying an Order Confirmation to Another Document Type

You can easily copy an order confirmation to another document type in BestInvoicing:

  • To a new order confirmation;

  • To a new delivery note;

  • To a new cash register ticket;

  • To a new payment request;

  • To a new invoice;

  • To a new purchase order.

In the summary of your order confirmation, navigate to the green 'Copy to' button and choose from the available document types listed there.

It is also possible to combine multiple order confirmations at once into a new document. In the overview of order confirmations, it is possible to select multiple documents, and have them appear on one and the same

  • new delivery note;

  • new payment request;

  • new cash register ticket;

  • new invoice.

Note that a distinction is made at the customer level.

  • For example, if you select three order confirmations for the same customer, all listed products and services will appear on the same invoice to that customer.

  • If you select, for example, three order confirmations addressed to customer A and two order confirmations addressed to customer B, all listed products and services will appear on one invoice to customer A and the other products and services will appear on another invoice (addressed to customer B).

This is done via the blue 'Actions' button in the overview of order confirmations:

Settings for Copying and Merging

When activating the order confirmations document type, you're offered to configure the structure/layout of the document containing the combined order confirmations.

Three choices are offered:

  • Do not insert intertitles: all product lines from all combined order confirmations appear one below the other on the final document.

  • Insert small subtitles: all product lines appear below each other per order confirmation on the final document.

  • Insert subtitles and subtotals: the final document shows an overview of product lines and the subtotal per order confirmation.

Signing an Order Confirmation

It is best to have an order confirmation signed by your customer, especially if an advance payment has been received. Don't forget your signature as representative of your company as well.

It is possible to simply print out an order confirmation on paper and have it signed, but the customer can also sign digitally and/or remotely.

In the chapter 'Sign Documents Online' you will find all information about:

  • Setting your own signature as a company

  • Digitally signing a document

  • An accompanying email with the possibility to display an online signature button

Read all about it in the chapter 'Sign Documents Online'.

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