BestInvoicing Drive

BestInvoicing Drive is an online file system to which you can upload all sorts of company documents. This way you can store all of your company documents (sales, purchase and other) in one system -> BestInvoicing.

Activate BestInvoicing Drive

  • Navigate to the top right corner in BestInvoicing anc click your email address

  • Select 'Apps and Integrations'

  • Select 'Documents'

  • Go to 'Drive' and click the green button 'Activate' to the right

Upload Documents to the Drive

In order to upload a file in the BestInvoicing Drive, simply drag and drop it into the upload frame. Using the green button at the top right '+ New Folder', you can create a folder structure to classify your documents.


In this example, a [FILL DOC TYPE] is uploaded. Next to the uploaded file, you'll now see a couple action buttons:

  • Download file

  • Make publicly available: via this button, you can create a publicly accessible URL to this file. Anyone with this URL can view and download the file. If after some time you want to revoke access, simply click the button 'Make private'.

  • Rename: possibility to rename the uploaded file

  • Delete file


Share Company Documents with your Accountant

If your accountant has access to BestInvoicing, you can could create a folder in the Drive that your accountant can check. In it you could collect other relevant company documents to be shared, such as documents from the VAT administration or your employment partner.

Availability of Catalogs/Brochures

Do you want to send catalog to a customer that features some products listed in a proposal? If the file is too heavy to send as an annex to an email, you might upload it to the Drive and make it publicly accessible. You can then copy the URL into your proposal email and share the link to the catalog, with your customer.

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