6. Payment Follow-up

In the example below, one of our created invoices was marked as 'paid' (green button).

BestInvoicing offers a few ways to track the payment status of your invoices:

  • manually

  • via direct connection with your bank account

  • by sending out payment reminders

Manual Follow-up

To mark your invoice as 'paid' with just one click, click the green 'Change status to paid' button in the invoice summary screen.

However, in order to optimally use the functionalities of BestInvoicing, it is advised to manually add more information about the actual payment. To do so, click the blue 'Action' button. Then select 'Create payment manually' from the drop down menu.

A pop-up window will open to enter payment information:

  • Payment account: this can be your company's bank account or, for example, your cash register. Indicate in this field how the payment was made.

  • Date: indicate when the payments was received.

  • Counterparty name: preset to customer name on the invoice, can be overwritten.

  • Message: preset to invoice serial number, can be overwritten.

  • Amount: the amount you received in this transaction. Maybe the customer only paid half of the invoiced amount today, or the payment is incomplete.

Click 'Create Payment' to confirm and record the payment information.

Entering the different payment accounts for your company only has to be done once. Read here how to do it.

The payment follow-up can also be done directly via your bank. Click here to learn how this works.

The Payment Reminder

It is possible to create a reminder for an outstanding invoice.

  1. To set this up, go to 'Reminders', on the left of your invoice summary screen.

  2. Click the green button 'Create Reminder'.

A default message is used to urge your customer to pay. You can enter the new payment term, any reminder costs and interest. Click 'Add' to save.

The reminder is created and can now be sent by email or printed out.

You can also set automatic reminders at company level. Read how to do this here.

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