Stock Management

The BestInvoicing stock management feature helps you to stay on top of your actual supplies.

Activating Stock Management

Stock management is an extension that needs to be activated in BestInvoicing:

  1. Navigate to the top right corner of the screen (email address) and select 'Apps and Integrations' in the menu.

  2. Check the list of 'Apps and Integrations Related to Products'.

  3. Click the green button 'Activate' on the line mentioning 'Stock Management'.

You immediately get the option to 'Configure' (click the yellow button). Three choices are offered:

  • Stock calculation based on invoices: the stock count is updated as soon as a product is processed in an invoice.

  • Stock calculation based on invoices and cash register tickets: the stock count is updated as soon as a product is processed in an invoice or via a cash register ticket.

  • Stock calculation based on delivery notes: the stock count is updated as soon as a product is processed in a delivery note.

"What about products listed on order confirmations?" There is a virtual stock for that, see further in this article.

Activating Stock Management per Product

You also need to activate stock management on a product level; you can start doing this for existing products, or new products that you add.

Existing Product

Activating stock management for an existing product is done in the detail overview of your product file.

Click the green button 'Activate Stock Management for this Product' beneath the title 'Stock Management'. BestInvoicing will now look through your created invoices, delivery notes or cash register tickets (depending on your selected settings when 'Activating Stock Management') to see how many items were already sold/ordered.

In the example below, one item has already been sold. Since we've not added any supplies yet, stock is counted as '-1'.

You can however update the actual stock of this product.

  1. Click the green button 'Add Stock Change'.

  2. In the field 'Correction' you can add an actual stock value e.g. '10'.

  3. By adding this new value, the stock numbers will be corrected. A stock of 9 items will now be displayed; the stock change (10) minus the articles that have already been sold (9).

It is also possible to correct stock numbers in a negative way; suppose a product is destroyed, you could make a negative correction of '-1' to remove this item from your stock count.

New Product

Once you've activated stock management, additional fields for stock management will appear when you create a new product:

  • Stock management: the choice whether or not to follow up on stock levels for this product

  • Stock alert level: this field allows you to add from which quantity/number on a stock alert warning should appear. E.g. if you enter the number '5', a stock alert warning will be shown as soon as the stock only contains 5 pieces of this product.

Virtual / Actual Stock

BestInvoicing differentiates between virtual and actual stock.

The actual stock is the stock count based on your choice when activating and configuring the app: stock count based on invoices, cash register tickets or delivery notes. The comprehends all that had effectively been charged or delivered.

The virtual stock is the stock count based on order confirmations. In this count we do not only take into account what has already been invoiced or delivered, but also what has been ordered by customers. If customers should order more than what's actually in stock, this will immediately appear in your stock alert warnings.

In the example above, the actual stock counted 5 items. Of these, 2 have already been invoiced. Current stock = 3 items. However, an order form was also created for 3 items. Virtual stock = actual stock - 3 ordered = 0 items. If you copy this order form to an invoice, both stocks will be the same.

Overview of Stock

Stock Alert Level

If you've set a stock alert level for a certain product, stock numbers will appear in red as soon as your stock plunges beneath the alert level. This way you'll immediately see which items need to be replenished. In the example below a warning is given for the virtual stock.

On Your Dashboard

Products with low stock are also mentioned on your BestInvoicing dashboard:

Via Products

Stock numbers can also be consulted in the overview of products, see below:

Or per product, if you take a look at the detail file of a product:

Via the Processing List

In the processing list you'll also see an overview of products with low stock (in line with stock alert warnings). This list can be consulted via the cogwheels icon, to the left of your email address in the upper right corner of BestInvoicing.

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