You can use specific markup in the emails you send from within BestInvoicing. You may use different email templates, each with their own colors and logo, in case you are carrying out different activities with different style schemes under the same company/VAT number.


Editing Email Templates

  • Navigate to your email address in the top right corner of BestInvoicing and click the menu

  • Select 'Company Settings'

  • Select the tab 'Email Settings' and scroll to the bottom of the page

In this section, you'll be able to modify the look of your email message. By default BestInvoicing proposes a template 'With Layout', which you can further modify using the visual editor.

In order to add your own company elements to the template, click the yellow button 'Personalize Template'.

This window looks a lot like the one for customisation of document templates, but both work independently.

At the left side, a menu offers options regarding colors and logo. Below it, additional choices are offered:

  • Use structured payment message

  • Display 'Created with': at the bottom of the email a text is displayed saying 'Created with BestInvoicing'.

If you activated the connection with Mollie for online payment, a payment button will appear automatically in the email. An example with custom set layout:

When sending an email, the plain text in the field below will be combined with the layout from the email template.

An example of what this may look like in the customers' inbox:

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